Toronto Trip and the Clubs You Would Like to Be At

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You are going to visit Toronto but you wonder how you organize? Simple, keep the whole tour full of fun. And also don’t forget to visit the Clubs in Toronto.

To visit Toronto is to visit the most American of Canadian cities, with its many skyscrapers. And unlike Montreal , Toronto is an English-speaking city. Canada’s largest city, it has a high-performance economy that has earned it third place in the top five in the PWC cities of opportunity ranking. 

More than 60 startup incubators are present in the city and offer significant support, such as the DMZ incubator that brings together 75 startups. In 2014, Toronto won the Intelligent Community Award, the most dynamic and inspiring smart city community award from the ICF, an organization that studies the development of 21st century cities. This makes it a destination of choice for digital economy players. It is the whole culture of the city that is vibrant in every respect. The clubs are the parts of it.

Flight to Toronto

The average ticket price from Paris to Toronto is 576 € according to the websites. The site indicates that an exceptional price is 372 € and a good price will be around 436 €.

When to book your ticket to Toronto?

If you want to buy a cheap Paris Toronto ticket, you must avoid planning your trip in January, July, August or December. The site recommends buying the ticket about 10 months in advance to have a cheap ticket.

How to get the best price?

Take a flight with a stopover, leave on a Saturday and return on a Monday.

Prices in Toronto

In Canada, prices do not include taxes (as does the United States). You will each time add a tax to the price displayed to calculate the price to be paid. A 5% Federal Goods and Services Tax (GST) is applicable on all transactions in Canada, with the exception of staple foods. To that will be added a provincial sales tax of 8% for Ontario. You will need to add 13% of taxes in addition to the price displayed to calculate the price to pay. For example, if you buy a product displayed at € 10, you will actually pay € 11.30 (10 x 1.13 = 11.30). Therefore, as you visit the Clubs in Toronto you can have a proper idea of the bills that you may have to pay.

In addition, when you eat at the restaurant, you will have to add a tip of about 15% to the price. In Canada, it is customary to tip in restaurants, bars and taxis. This means that you would pay € 12.80 for your meal billed at € 10 with a 28% tax and tip (13% gratuity + 15% gratuity). You can leave the tip on the table or give it directly to your server.

Plan your accommodation before visiting Toronto

 Count 739 € for a studio in the center of the city against 616 € on average at the ends of the city as west of Bathurst or east of Bayview Avenue. Here is a map with the average rents referenced in 2016. Note that these prices are averages, you can find cheaper downtown accommodation if you go early enough before the trip to Toronto.