How To Hire A Mixologist For Parties And Events?

Wondering what the perfect checklist is in order to hire a mixologist for your party? Today, we are going to share the ultimate guide to hire a mixologist for your events. Given the current rage about hiring entertaining bartenders behind the bar, it is all the more important that you know what to expect when hiring one. 

  • The type of occasion

Is it a cocktail party that calls for some tasty drinks and liquors to be served in various combinations? Or a personal get-together where you plan on having some entertainment ongoing behind the bar. Well, a mixologist is exactly what you need.

  • The type of bar

Do you want to set-up a wet bar where the mixologist will bring everything that is required right from olives, fruits, dry fruits, etc.? Or are you in for a dry bar where you supply the alcohol and additional elements to be served. In this way, you can save money and also control your budget.

  • Comes with a menu

Wondering what all will be served at the bar? Well, you can get a customized menu for your party and also restrict what things will be served and in what proportions. Once again, you make the final call.

  • You can hire them by the hour

Yes, it is possible to hire your mixologist by the hour and save some expenses too. You can discuss the rates and see what sounds more feasible – an hourly rate or a full-event coverage.

  • Mixologists can travel to your party

If you have a destination party or somewhere away from the town then it is possible to hire one that travels to your location. Of course, you will have to pay for traveling expenses. But hey, anything for a good time, isn’t it.

  • You can rent a bar set-up and glassware

You can talk about this with the agency and rent the entire set-up. It is quite costly to actually own and maintain a bar and so if you plan on keeping one at a party or event then rental options are as good as they come.

Being clear about what you want at your party will help you set the budget and negotiate well with the service providers. For getting a quote or further details, you can contact Effervescence and get your party going.