Yui Shibata chose the 3 BEST television series she is starring in.

The 75th Primetime Emmy Awards held on Monday, January 15, prove Asian actors are standing out in the television industry.

Yui Shibata is a Japanese actress who has starred in a number of commercially successful films and television series. Today, we asked her about the 3 best television series she is starring in. 

The Bay

The Bay is a multiple Daytime Emmy® Award-winning series, with a total of 23 wins and 59 Daytime Emmy nominations.

Yui played a Chinese prostitute, Lin, working at a brothel in Shanghai, China. She seduced John Blackwell, played by renowned Hollywood star Ronn Moss, on the bed. The way she makes love to him is very smooth and tempting. It was the first time she became half-naked on camera, and she was nervous before the camera rolled. However, Yui turned into a seductive prostitute instantly, right after the camera started rolling. Yui said this role is something different from the other roles she has played in the past, but she was very comfortable playing it. 

Go West! 

One of the most successful television series in her career, Go West, has been on air on the KXLA network since 2012. The story is about a Japanese girl traveling in Los Angeles and discovering enchanting places with unique tour guides. Yui shows her playful personality while traveling and sharing precious experiences with audiences. Her favorite episode is “Moving to California from Egypt.” She met an Egyptian couple living in California, and they told her the reason why they moved here and their struggle when they first moved here. There are numerous immigrants in California. She also knows how hard it is for foreigners to live here right after they move here because of the cultural differences. The reason why Yui chose this episode as her favorite is because Yui is also the one who faced the same challenges as the Egyptian couple. 

Actors Life in Hollywood

This is another stunning show in which she plays herself. In the show, Yui portrays a struggling actress in Hollywood who encounters other artists with ambition. As everyone understands, Hollywood is known as the final destination for actors, filmmakers, and any kind of performing artist all over the world. This show describes the lives of artists in Hollywood. She introduced one of her memorable lines: “I come here to see this glorious view every time I’m beaten or lost in the maze of Hollywood.” episode 3. In this scene, she meets the incredible dancer Junpei on the street after she just failed her audition. She immediately understood that this line means that the night view in Hollywood is beautiful, but she also feels it’s sad that a lot of artists are struggling in this town. Hollywood has two sides to face: beautiful and cruel. 

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