Tips to choose a perfect wedding venue

Out of all the things you consider and arrangements you make for a wedding, the venue is the most important one. There should be no compromise with the venue to ensure a grand start and ensure a perfect end to the celebration. Finalizing your Gisborne wedding venues at Lawson Lodge helps in making decisions about other arrangements like decorations, flowers, music, sitting plan, the aisle, etc. Choosing an ideal wedding venue can be tricky. Here are some tips you can use to find the perfect place to tie the knot.


  • Discuss with a wedding planner


Wedding planners are way more experienced in making wedding arrangements than you are. They can tell you about the actual capacity, layout, and capabilities of a venue. They can also give you an idea of the resources you will need to transform the venue into your ideal wedding place. This directly affects your budget and the whole ceremony.


  • Finalize your budget


The couple should sit together and consult family members if needed to finalize your budget. Consider every smallest detail that you want and prioritize everything. This will help you assign a budget to individual things and know where you can make compromises if needed. Also, consider the emergency budget. This helps you to determine the kind of venue you would book, the location, etc.


  • Know your guest list


The decision of venue greatly depends upon the number of people that are going to gather for the event. The venue should have the capacity to accommodate your guests comfortably. Also, there should be room for some extra people to entertain last-minute RSVPs.


  • Look for a venue that aligns with your vision


A wedding is a dream event for every bride. Every couple has a vision of how their wedding would be like. Make sure that the venue you choose aligns the vision you have and can house all the aesthetics you want. Elements like parks, galleries, restaurants, etc existing naturally at the venue will simplify your arrangements.


  • Check availability


Make sure that the venue is available on the date you have decided on your wedding. If you can be flexible on the dates, you can fix the date according to the availability of the venue. Also if your date is final and your venue is hosting any additional event on the same date at different times, ensure that there is enough gap between the events.


  • Check climate


Whether you are arranging the event outdoor or will need an indoor setting depends greatly on the prospective weather conditions. It is one of the biggest considerations for the day to ensure smooth and fun-filled completion of the event.


  • Consider the guest’s experience


The venue plays a crucial role in keeping your guests happy. It is important that they feel welcomed and special. Ensure that they get a proper parking place and are served everything with courtesy and respect.


  • Put your needs at priority


Place your wishes for decoration, theme, and other arrangements at the top priority. Ensure that everything is organized to sync with your personality and uniqueness as a couple.


  • Study the venue terms


Always study the terms and conditions of the venue meticulously. This is important to avoid last-minute confusion and misunderstandings related to arrangements and payments.