The 8 SAW Movies Ranked – Worst to Best!

Devotion to pure punishment and highly stylized violence marks the modern wave of torture movies, unlike 1970’s exploitation horror films or 1980’2 slasher movies. A slew of like-minded efforts help the subgenre thrive, including anything from the Saw (2004) to the Human Centipede and The Collector. Hoping to rekindle our interest in torture tourism, the eighth entry of the Saw franchise arrived in 2017. Though none of the movies is good when we compare it to, lets say, the Shining, but if we compare them to each other, we can crown winners and losers.

  1. 2010 – Saw 3D

Although it seems that the franchise’s strength is the return rate on cast members, but Dr. Gordon – minus a foot as he survived his death game by hacksawing it – resurfacing as a prominent disciple just makes all individuals in the universe seem too far to be willing to join along with a man who, in the name of tough love, mutilated them. Your right buttons will be pushed by the seventh movie in case you’re a Saw stan, but one you finish 3D, it’s clear why the franchise was forced towards the 7-year long hiatus. Sites like Putlocker stream Saw 3D (2010) online for free.

  1. 2007 – Saw IV

Elaborately executed gore is rather the crux of the experience called ‘Saw’ instead of just violence. Yet there are certain limits to brutality that actually seems entertaining. Saw IV seems to cross all such limits. Additionally, the movie piles on numerous twists (unnecessary much!). We don’t say that the movie does not pack in intellectual density, it just sort of feels like a bag of cheap tricks.

  1. 2017 – Jigsaw

The entire gang makes a return after an absence for 7 years. While it’s not just too bad, it doesn’t pack in a lot of excitement for us. The various rounds of punishment just have really long gaps. We’d say although it has that shocking power, it seems a little less self-serious.

  1. 2008 – Saw V

The fifth movie in the Saw series seems rather fun because it has a purely entertaining central conflict. It definitely makes for the franchine’s great murder-house dynamics with all the vicious backstabbing along with heartwarming redemption and cooperation.

  1. 2006 – Saw III

This one changed the game.  We give it a few brownie points for emotional nuance which keeps the movie afloat. On the downside, we miss Dina Meyer who loses her life in the rib separator.

  1. 2009 – Saw VI

Saw VI tunes in the society with its focus shifting towards punishing the amoral insurance companies and predatory lenders. The topical plot provides a great switch up for the narrative.

  1. 2005 – Saw II

Saw II picks up exactly where the first one left. Without totally jumping the shark, Saw II boosts the violence and is surely a great follow-up to the first movie.

  1. 2004 – Saw

Well, we’re a huge fan of the originals, aren’t we? Yet if you revisit, you’ll find that compared to the follow-up series, Saw is practically quaint. It transforms overlapping narratives and levels up the gore. The only movie actually directed by James Wan, it leaves us shocked and in awe, giving it a prominent place in the horror-film industry. We know that this is an oldie therefore, there’s a pretty good chance that you haven’t seen this movie yet. Not to worry, there are various sites like Putlocker that can come to your aide.