Here’s what’s best on OSN right now

With the temperature dropping and the cold airmaking you have second thoughts about getting out of the house, it looks likeweekends will probably include a lot of time being indoors. If you do decide on spending the day in, we have an entertainment-filled list of trending Arabic TV shows on OSN (given below). The smooth storylines and brilliant executionin these shows are sure to keep you entertained throughout the weekend.

  • AlhobWartta:

Ayse lives a challenging life with her family and has her ‘perfect boyfriend’, Berk, supporting her. The other side of the story features Kerem, a boy born in a home where all the comforts of life were readily made available. Kerem is making efforts to develop a keen business acumen, just like his father. Things change when both Ayse and Kerem meet. Will their meeting be for the better or worse, that’s for you to see.

AlhobWartta is intriguing as a story. This Arabic TV show is a crisp presentation of the everyday problems that one faces on both – personal and professional levels. While the show teaches and supports optimism, it also touches upon accepting reality. Watch this show online on OSN.

Day & Time: Thursday; 16:45

Duration: 1 hour

Channel: CH #100

  • Hekaytna:

This comedy-drama is an adaptation of the popular American-comedy – Shameless. The story follows the struggles of a dysfunctional family to get through daily life. Situated in one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Istanbul, this Arabic TV show portrays everyday situations with a pinch of salt.

Day & Time: Wednesday; 15:30

Duration: 50 Minutes

Channel: CH #107

  • Stiletto Vendetta

This a story about four girls, their friendship, and how they get along together. However, the story takes a 360-degree twist when three of the girls get their fourth pal and a teacher, expelled from school under the accusation of having an affair. Twenty years later, destiny brings them face-to-face with each other. Will the reunion bring back the hatred? Will the friends let bygones be bygones? To know more, catch the serial on OSN.

The story impeccably weaves the states of vulnerability at every age with the growing ideologies and expectations of society. While friendship does take precedence, there are times when the unhealed wounds and grudges are prominent. And, it is from these wounds that stem actions that will eventually define their actions in the future. It is the proximity of the characters to real-life and resulting relativity that they invoke, which makes Stiletto Vendetta one of the most-watched Arabic TV shows on OSN.

Day & Time: Thursday; 10:20

Duration: 50 Minutes

Channel: CH #107