Romeo and Juliette

Love is an embodiment of our feelings and expressing them is the best way. Nowadays, people don’t display true emotions to their partners. In that case, Kickstarter has decided to re-awaken the urban romance through the incredible Romeo and Juliette series. The major force behind its creation is Phoenix More. The project aims to change how people treat each other in relationships. It is meant to add flavor and spice to your love life. What is the film Romeo and Juliette all about? What can you expect from the fascinating show?

The Overview

The series features a love story in the urban romance setting. The two characters Romeo and Juliette are head over heels in love with each other. However, they have limitations such as social and economic disparities. The highlight of the plot is that they strive to be together despite their strains.

You can expect a thrilling performance that showcases arrays of themes in the series. It is a blend of love, betrayal, lies and lust that make up the journey. It entails the seductive, sexy, steamy and hot city of Hot-lanta.  The story continues to a part where they profess their love to one another. All is not rosy when Romeo discovers the true identity of Juliette’s dad. Get ready to be at the edge of the seat as the plot thickens with the twists and turns.


Romeo and Juliet is a captivating play that will keep you and your loved one entertained. It is not an ordinary series because it displays how love and commitment should be regardless of the situation. On that account, it will be a learning experience for you.

You will be a part of something great because you will support an African American cast and crew. It is essential since the project aims to show the innate talents that the individuals have.

Are you a music fanatic? Come with your dancing shoes because you will listen to impeccable music that touches your soul. If you can bust a move or two it will do well for your entertainment and fun.

Additionally, Romeo and Juliette will make you feel like you belong to a community. It is possible since social media unites us all via the platform.

The crowning moment of the series is that you will witness urban love in details. The plot is a comprehensive one that will blow your mind. What’s more; the show will satisfy your suspense by bringing more episodes with time.

Bottom Line

As the audience, Kickstarter deeply appreciates you in all ways. On that account, your support comes in handy so that the activity comes out triumphant. In the end, you get to watch a top-notch film that is of high-grade quality. It includes proficient writers, producers, artists, directors, and actors. We hope that you steer us to the next step as we plan to entertain you all the way. Hence, Romeo and Juliette that is the pilot episode will show you what’s in store for you.