Best Netflix US TV Shows 

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Netflix, the world’s leading internet entertainment provider, has a reputation for getting people addicted, unable to glue their eyes of their screens. This is due to their supply of critically-acclaimed TV shows that leave viewers at the edge of their seats and tempted to binge watch an entire season in a day! With a presence in over 190 countries, titles vary among each country, but netflix américain undoubtedly has some of the most popular hits, some of which we’ve discussed below. Don’t forget that some of these titles might not be available in your home country, but don’t worry, you can regarder netflix américain by using a VPN.

  • Black Mirror

As exciting as some of the technology of the modern world can be, every action has its consequences. With each episode being an entirely different story with different characters, Black Mirror explores the terrifying consequences that the development of new technology can bring to the world. Having just released their 5th season, Black Mirror remains an incredibly thought-provoking, suspenseful and popular TV show. 

  • The Umbrella Academy

Created by Steve Blackman and Jeremy Slater, The Umbrella Academy takes you on a journey in a world where the rules are not always clear, but trying to figure out what they are creates immense enjoyment for the viewer. 43 random women, who showed no signs of pregnancy, give birth to 43 infants, seven of which are adopted by a billionaire industrialist who trains them to use their special powers to help save the world. The seven are reunited several years later by the death of their father, at which point, peculiar things start to happen. 

  • You

This American psychological thriller starts off seeming like an ordinary, romantic love story and leads into a mind-boggling and creepy show. This is the story of an awkward bookstore manager and his crush on an aspiring writer and how the plot turns sinister yet riveting. In only ten episodes, the storyline captivated audiences and had them eagerly awaiting a second season. 

  • Sense8

Eight people around the globe are connected through their thoughts and feelings, which they can share with each other. Their curiosity leads them to discover that they are not humans, but rather a species called Homo Sensorium. The BPO (Biologic Preservation Organization) consider them to be a threat to humanity and are intent on hunting them down. This show grew incredibly popular due to its diversity and acceptance of different cultures, religions, sexualities and genders. 

  • American Horror Story

This show has nine seasons, with each season being its own mini-series. Made for horror fanatics, the show explores haunted houses, mental asylums, witchcraft, freak shows, the apocalypse and several other storylines. With consistently high ratings, this show has been ongoing for 8 years now. Whether you decide to watch each season in order, or choose to watch whichever storyline intrigues you the most, this show will send a shiver up your spine and have you needing to keep the lights on before you sleep.