5 Tips to design a perfect invitation for the hen party

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Hens party is as important for a bride as her wedding. It marks the onset of wedding celebrations. It sets the tone and excitement for the whole series of events you would have for your wedding. You can choose any style for the party. It can be a luxury hens night, strippers, afternoon tea, or any other party. One of the most important things for your special day/night with your hens is the invitation to the party. It is often confusing to decide how the invitation should look like. If you are a first-time bridesmaid, it can be more perplexing. Here are some tips which would simplify the task for you.


  • Understand the bride


The most important aspect of everything in a hen do is the kind of girl bride-to-be is. You should design an invitation that reflects her personality and expectations of the party.

  • Sassy

A sassy girl would only want to have fun on her hen do. You can think of a theme like a pink dancing girl. 

  • Sophisticated

For a sophisticated bride-to-be, the invitation should be a little traditional. You can use a blend of a ring with elegant font. This classic jewelry portrays the class and refinement.

  • Cute

For a sweet, cute, young-at-heart girl, you can pic an invite that is a bit cartoonish. Choose elements like a bottle of fizz strewn on the floor so that it doesn’t look kiddish.

  • Wild

If the bride-to-be is a caged beast kind of girl, you can include a spread-eagle stripper or bubblegum car seat on the invite.

  • Cheeky

For a cheeky girl, think of something with a naughty sense of humor. It can be a last fling party invite.


  • Consider the type of party


This again depends on the type of girl the bride-to-be is. Based on her nature and likings you will decide the type of party and the kind of activities you want to include. Consider whether it is a day party or night party or a simple afternoon tea. You can also consider the venue of the party while designing the invitation.


  • Information to be included in the invitation


In addition to the character of the girl and the nature of the party, the invite should have the following essentials.

  • Whose party is this
  • Date and timing of the party
  • The venue of the party
  • Your name, RSVP number, and deadline


  • When to send the invitation?


The invitation to a hen party should be sent as soon as possible. This gives the guests enough time to RSVP. Also, they make arrangements for transport and leaves form the job. Guests are more likely to attend the party if they get enough time to make the arrangements.


  • Invitation for the bride-to-be


If the invite you have design perfectly matches her personality, you can send the same invite to her. You can also design a special invite putting elements that are dear to her and make her feel special. You can also not sent her an invite if the party is a surprise for her.