The Gran Royale Music Awards shines in the bay area!

This years Gran Royale Music Awards lives up to its hype!

Shining light on talent from all walks of life and genres, including an awesome performances from some of the most talked about artists in the #SFBAY.

Rap artist Fluid make his presences known winning the first award of the night after crusing the red carpet with songstress Eye’z. His performance was striking!

Shelena Smith of all hustle no luck records made her presence known by Co-Hosting and presenting awards to artists

Movie stars also sparkled on the red carpet with Joseph Camilleri and Keely Dervin Promoting their movie “CABAL”

Joseph Camilleri & Keely Dervin Both were nominated and won!

Singer Eye’z won the Disc-overed award presented by Rapper Fluid001 and gave a beautiful melodic performance.
other winners include Kate Magdalena Shannon Hughes Anne Mari Picerno Studeo Jay luck
but the Nights BIG WINNER was AleAmorX who gave a magnificent performance who won 2 awards and one honor presented by Pop Singer Eye’z!

The Award show was Hosted by Dr. Letitia Wright of Wright Place TV
For more information about this award show the nights highlight reel will be on their official website