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The movie Johaar is directed by TejaMarni. The movie is starring AnkithKoyya, NainaGanguly, and Esther Anil in the leading roles.

The movie has five different stories of 5 different persons where they struggle to lead their lives due to a conspiracy created by state politics and to gain public sympathy.

They have a Young CM Krishna Chaitanya, where he wants to build a big statue of his late dad and make history in the politics.

For that purpose, he uses the budget of the common man, and all the common people get no money from the government for their studying and for living purposes. Due to his wish, many people face different problems.

In this process, a young athlete NainaGanguly, a poor farmer Eeswari Rao, a young girl Esther, and an old man Sudhakar who runs an orphanage. These people get affected badly on the whole. Watch the rest of the movie at aha videos to know what happens in their lives.

Artist Performances

Actor Krishna Chaitanya has acted very well in his character by showing the cunning attitude of the true politician.  Eswari Rao and SubhakekaSudhakar are livid in their characters like real-life roles. And they also dominated in the emotional roles with their performances. Actress Esther has performed well in her character. Actor NainaGanguly has again shown how the character should with his best-ever performance as an athlete.

Technical Aspects

The whole credit goes to director TejaMarni as he has picked the best cast that has provided a good name to the movie. The songs are beautifully designed with perfect locations set. He has set impressive locations for the movie shooting and got the best scenes. The dialogues have been quite meaningful.

The camera work has been done neatly and BDM also. The director has shown his message in a narrative way for a better understanding of the movie.


  1. You can see the best story ever that has shown political critics in the detailed version.
  1. You can enjoy the best music composed by the music director Priyadarshan.
  1. The director has shown what the present situation of politics in a narrative way is.

Cast and Crew

Actor: AnkithKoyya

Actress: Esther Anil

Other characters: NainaGanguly

Director: TejaMarni

Producer: Sandeep Marni

Music director: Priyadarshan

What Works

It is a beautiful movie where you can analyze how the government is being played by political leaders and government representatives. The director has shown the movie in a very good version. All over, it is a unique movie that should be watched by everyone to know what is happening around us.

Bottom Line

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Meanwhile, Johaar is the best Emotional, dramatic movie. Indirectly the director has shown how the political leaders concentrate on increasing their income and not looking at public problems.