The best Photoshop alternatives to edit photos in 2019

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Photoshop is one of the most widely used tools for editing photos. Almost everyone has ever heard about it. However, it is not the easiest tool to work with. Not everyone can edit pictures on Photoshop. You must have good knowledge of the software. You must learn it well. Not everyone has a lot of time to invest in learning something

new. That’s why people are always looking for easier alternatives.

Some good alternatives

One thing that people look for in a Photoshop alternative is an easy User Interface. You can find a list of good Photoshop alternatives on Some of them are pretty good and easier to use.

  • Luminar: One of the best alternatives for Photoshop is Luminar. It has one of the easiest user interfaces. All the tools required to edit a picture are available right there on the screen. You can try out different filters, crop the image or do color correction just by a few clicks only.
  • Apple Photos: A built-in photo editor for Mac with an interface that is quite easy to navigate and learn. It also contains some of the coolest filters and effects.
  • Microsoft Photos: Microsoft’s new software for organizing and editing photos. You can use it to add 3D effects to a picture. You can crop an image, edit the colors and light and can do other wonderful things with it.
  • Aurora HDR: Aurora HDR is the best software for your HDR photography. You can use it to create an HDR photo from a single image.

Things to consider before choosing a photo editing software for yourself

If you are looking for a Photoshop alternative, that only means either you do not have many technical skills or you are too busy to learn any. So go with the editor that requires minimal efforts to learn it and requires minimal technical knowledge. Also make sure it fits in your budget.