Feng Shui Based Rules to Name a Company to Ensure Growth and Prosperity

Naming is essential for everything that comes to existence. From a newborn child to a business, everything requires a name to let people remember it later on and to recognize and suggest it to others. Without a proper name, a business would be nothing than a seemingly establishment that is hard to find out and refer to. Following the guideline of Feng-Shui can help a business to prosper and grow the way one wants. There are a few things that one needs to follow to name the business based on Feng Shui guidelines. 

An easier name

Sometimes one might just stumble upon some name that are tough ones but follows the rules of Feng Shui. There are many names that serve the purpose. Choose names that are simple to recall. You wouldn’t want potential customers to be perplexed about where to find the business online. No one does want to constantly correct your company name’s misspelt name. Keep your approach simple. A name that is overly restrictive could cause problems later on. You wouldn’t want to limit your business to just one thing or place. Pick a name that won’t impede the growth of your company. Work with a naming company (ตั้งชื่อบริษัท, term in Thai) that can help you with names based on guidelines of Feng Shui.

A meaningful name is better to hear, remember and follow Feng Shui

Pick a name that has some meaning. To convey anything positive and substantial about the firm, you need a meaningful name for it.

A name to mark

Make sure the name stands out. You want your brand to be recognizable to potential consumers and you want your employees to be able to boldly state where they work.

Asking for help works

Make a list of five or ten lucky company names and run it by friends, family, and reliable coworkers. Also, ask your target audience for their opinions. Also, be assured that the name has no undesirable implications.

How does it sound?

Make sure the name sounds well when pronounced aloud. Most names seem beautiful when written down but sound awful when spoken aloud. Make sure everyone is aware of how it is spelled if there is a plan to pronounce it aloud.

A personal connection

Make sure the name resonates with you personally. As the business owner, you would have to cope with the name for a very long time. Therefore, make sure you like it and think your customers will connect with it.

Give an example. Try to choose an initial for your business that offers specific information about what you provide.

A few things to keep in mind

Make sure the selected feng shui name harmonizes with the furnishings in your business. Make sure to offer your target audience a visual component when choosing a feng shui name. Pick a name that isn’t too similar to that of other companies in your industry. It could mean coming across as uninspired. Try to make sure the company name you select satisfies all the standards outlined in feng shui principles.