Rainy Day Activities that Don’t Suck  

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There are two kinds of people in this world; people who hate it when it rains and people who love it when it rains. Whichever category you fall into and for whatever reasons, sometimes it’s worth exploring the opposite opinion to see what you are missing out on. For those who dread the wet days for the inability to go outdoors and get about your day, you might find a lot of solace in this new-found excuse to stay indoors, enjoy the sound of the soothing rain and try out some of the rainy-day activities suggested below. Keep an open mind!  

Pull Out Those Board Games  

With all the new shiny new gadgets being introduced at the pace that grass grows, many of us scarecely remember the neglected board games slowly gathering dust in the back of our closets; the very ones we would rely on to provide us with wholesome entertainment back in the day. What have you got lying around? Monopoly, Twister, Battleship… even a deck of cards can bring back some nostalgic memories and keep you entertained for hours.  

Bring the Cinema Home to You  

Now if you really don’t have any board games gathering dust, we suppose there is a whole world of TV and film entertainment available to you… and what better than a rainy day to binge watch the screen for hours? Take the experience a notch further and get yourself a ​kodi vpn​ to project endless streaming entertainment onto any and all of your devices. This powerful open-source software is an amazing free app, and you’re truly missing out if you haven’t yet learnt about ​vpn gratuit kodi​. Grab that popcorn and snuggle up on the couch – you won’t even notice the rain has stopped.  

Challenge Yourself to a Fridge Cleanout Cooking Spree 

You don’t have to be a masterchef to tackle this one; all you need is a bit of creativity and confidence… although a taste of complimentary flavours will also certainly help. The challenge here is to whip up whatever dish you can (or make that a 4-course meal) using only the ingredients you have in your fridge… because you can’t exactly pop out to the grocery store while it’s pouring cats and dogs. Look for inspiration online and in recipe books if you need, or just use your imagination and taste buds to cook up something you might actually enjoy eating. A sandwich made from left-over Thai curry? Sounds good. Bacon and cornflake stuffed potatoes? Why not.  

Get Your Blood Pumping with an Indoor Workout  

Now if you’re stuck inside your house with nobody around and no visitors expected, you may as well take this excuse to shake out your best moves. Dancing is great cardio and can help you release pent-up tension from all the times you… don’t dance. Or take this opportunity to stretch your body, or use household items to train your body, such as using a chair for tricep dips, or filling water bottles with gravel or water to use as weights. A good workout can leave you feeling refreshed… like the ground outside after it has finished raining.  

Now if you fall in the category of someone who loves the rain, and it doesn’t happen to be raining… you can also heed to these tips. No one’s judging you for staying indoors all day, rain or not!