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If you are not an artist, you can still sell art as a curator. Some artist does not seem to show interest in the business pet of their job, so they 2ork with galleries and other business people to help them do it. To sell art online involves selling painting online and also selling sculptures online, with other artworks.  Some artworks like sculptures are quite hard unless you use 3D printing.  

How to Sell Art Online

  1. Create your online store

The first step is to build your online store. Then you can commit to a plan. When building an online store select a theme that lets your arts have good images and a large white space. This can be applied if you are sell paintings online or even sculptures. Add application that aids to run the store without stress, which gives chance to focus on the creativity of the business. You sell your arts with powered applications that can boost the sale of the app. 

  1. Photographing and scanning art

Photographing and representing your products vividly and precisely is vital across the board in ecommerce, in spite of industry. Without being able to feel or see a product in close contact, customers need to get the best sense of what they are buying through precise images. If you want to sell art online – selling painting online, sculptures or other art works, a good and clear picture that represent the art work well. This will helps you don’t have a hard time selling it.  You should learn how to take a fascinating art photo so as to attract customers. 

Photographing arts is a little intense3 and complicated than other products, and a little bit of mistakes could cuddle glare or irregularities in color. So you could think of asking for the service of a skilled photographer who shoots arts works and three dimensional elements. 

Ship Paintings: 

Part of the process is shipping the art bought online to the buyer. In some situation, the buyer may be in another pet of the state, country or even another part of the world.  You have to ship it in a way that the freight cost would be less for the customers. 

Shipping Insurance

Shipping insurance is also vital why shipping online art works- painting and sculptures, because once a package is lost or misplaced, it cannot be replaced. Some shippers give fair insurance on major packages and seller’s looks into precise coverage and restrictions of insurance offering. This includes safety of the arts works being shipped. 

Plagiarism issues and copyright protection

You also have to make sure the things you out up- selling paints online and sculpture re not plagiarized or supplied in the same exact copy. If such takes place you must take legal action to avoid the same incident happening again. 

Mostly, artist are business owners by over sight, and taking on the not so creative aspects of the business is important for growth of the business. 

Ultimately, artists are entrepreneurs by default, and embracing the non-creative aspects of the business is essential to success and growth.