Why Learning Ballet As An Adult Is A Good Thing


Ballet is often thought of as an art or commitment that must be undertaken during our formative years. After all, at those ages, our bodies are most flexible and can be trained most efficiently. This of course would give us the best chance to become professional ballet dancers. Conversely, it is rare to hear of anyone who picked up ballet as a working adult and later turning professional.

Yet, this should not deter you from signing up at an adult ballet classes Singapore school. Indeed, learning the art of ballet as an adult offers many distinct benefits and advantages. In this article, I will be going over some personal anecdotes and reasons why you may just be thankful that you only encountered ballet as an adult.

Injury Free

A physio therapist, whom I visit on a regular basis, to maintain my body in the very best state as I perhaps can, works with lots of professionals pre-professionals and is a frequent physio at my nation’s top ballet college. My goodness, the stories she tells me about the sort of injuries these young dancers (13-18 year-olds) have to deal with in order to dance is rather frightening.

2 pals who started ballet from age 5 had to basically quit ballet at 17 as a result of injuries. And I’m not even talking surrendering professional dreams– as in, stop dancing completely. It is tough for them to teach even beginners ballet class due to injury.

They both like ballet passionately, and can just appreciate viewing ballet. One became a ballet piano accompanist. She wanted to teach ballet to young children, but it ended up being very hard when she could not kneel. The other one takes a class once every couple of weeks, and often she has to pass up those classes as a result of aching knees. She is pretty much stuck in newbies course (even though she was in the intense courses prior to her injury).

Mental health

Dance has constantly brought individuals together to commemorate and hang out. Combined with a healthy level of exercise, this is a fantastic method to enhance your mental wellness. Bring on all those healthy and balanced neurotansmitters! Ultimately as an adult learner, you would not be dancing in order to become a pro. Instead, you will have the opportunity to enjoy ballet for the art that it is and the socialising opportunities that it allows for.


Dancing is the craft of sharing tales without the requirement for words, so it’s a superb way to bring together groups of individuals who might not be able to connect in the very same language. So much so that dancing has been efficiently made use of as a way to combine young families in culturally varied neighbourhoods in the UK, assisting new parents hang out and create relationships.