Finer Choices for the Best Wedding Bands Now

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What was first, the egg or the chicken? We can find the famous dilemma of causality in the many questions we ask ourselves when organizing a wedding: what we choose first – the date of the event, the venue, the menu, the theme of the wedding or the band? Our answer: none of them have priority, all are just as important! Any option raised by organizing a wedding should be regarded as a whole as a whole, because every choice you make can influence the success of the event. When it comes to Good Band For Wedding this is important for you now.

The wedding venue, as important as the band

If you are a loyal reader of the blog, you have already learned, from the previous article, how to choose your event room so that you can guarantee a successful party. Also in this blog, I have provided some tips on the steps you have to take and, especially, how long before you have to choose your wedding venue . Now comes the option for the band or DJ that will provide the soundtrack for the wedding party. The choice belongs to you, but you have to consider some criteria that will help you for a correct decision.

Everyone agrees that music is one of the most important elements for a dream wedding. We advise you, as soon as you have set the date of the wedding, to start the search for both the wedding salon and the band or DJ that will handle the training of the guests. Because both aspects are equally important, the two actions should take place in parallel. In order to be sure that you will be able to book exactly the location and lineup you want, you should have a safety margin of about 12 months before the wedding date.

The right band needs a bespoke wedding venue

Music means, first of all, atmosphere and dance. Therefore, you have to make sure that the wedding hall has enough space and a sufficiently large ring for at least half of the guests thinking about going out to dance. We recommend a salon with an open architecture, without columns in the central area or niches, in which the sound will work flawlessly and the dance band and band will be visible from wherever you are.

  • On the other hand, the wedding hall does not have to be excessively large, compared to the number of weddings: in a half-empty room, the band’s music can create distressing echoes for the ears of the guests. Therefore, in the case of a discrete and small event, with a small number of weddings, you can opt for a salon that offers a separation for the band and the dance floor.

Returning to the perfect relationship that should exist between the wedding hall and the band that provides the musical entertainment, you must also consider the fact that each group needs a space in which to carry out their activity – bigger or narrower, depending on by the number of musicians who are part of the orchestra. If three musicians can handle it, say, on a four square meter podium, the same space is completely insufficient for a group of seven! Therefore, make sure that the wedding venue you choose can offer you not only a spacious dance ring, but also a suitable surface for the band.