What are the Basic Structures or Parts of a Song?

Almost everybody in the world irrespective of children, adolescents, youth, adults, elderly, women and men across various status, professions, and physical or mental conditions are acquainted with songs especially singing songs, no matter how better or how bad he or she may be in singing songs. Maximum of people have the hobby of singing various songs more or less from the beginning to the end of the song. However, very few people may have knowledge of the structure or the parts of the song he or she is singing. Step into Songmill music studio in order to get your favourite song which would not only delight you but also provide your numerous mental and physical benefits.

The first stanza or part of the song you are singing normally called the intro of the song. The intro of a song actually is the beginning of the song in the human voice and is the most important element of the song. There may instrumental while the beginning of the song, but the instrumental prior to the human voice or intro, are not considered as beginning of the song. Generally, the intro of a song comprises of fewer lines and represents the entire song in terms of genre, rhythm, melody, tempo, other necessary elements of the song. The intros of the songs are often repeated after the verse or chorus and serve as key elements to coordinate between other parts of the song.

After the intro, there comes the verse of a song which normally describes the purpose of business or storey of the song. A song may have multiples versus either telling the detailed story of the song or telling different stories in sequences. In most commercial songs, the musician while composing the verse often ask how many lines or words the verse would be to calculate the length of the story to tell. An ideal song of around 3 to 4 minutes generally has 1 minute for a verse to tell the entire story within a maximum of 2 to 3 verses.

Another part of the song is the pre-chorus and chorus which sometimes may not be considered as essential or important parts of the song though it contributes to the song. The pre-chorus or chorus is ideally much shorter than the intro and verses. The chorus or pre-chorus are often the title of the song which are repeated several times in the song. There is another final part of the song called bridge which is a section that provides relief. The bridge not only has various lyrics from the verse and chorus but with the bridge, the music gets a little different.