The Surround Sound System – What is it and How to Use it?

Often people ask for surround sound in the stereo and sound stores, but they hardly realise what the surround is. Ultimately, the surround sound for is the sound system what is sold them with the label and trademark of a reputed sound system manufacturer or company with extra or multiple speakers or such other sound devices. Most often people get bombarded with lots of advertisements about surround sounds and eventually it gets emphasized in the movie halls before the movie starts. That is almost enough for the people to generate a passionate desire about the surround sound and they rush to ask for a surround sound system without knowing what exactly the surround sound system can offer you. But, in your case, get into the Art et Son and ask about the features and speciality of the surround sound system and then choose the best surround sound system for your purpose.

You must have heard the surround sound standards of THX which runs typically clear and bold sound clips generating from all around the movie hall or often behind you or from the sides. You must have also experienced typical sounds such as glass breaking, or organ-like sound which ramps up the volume with a low rumble, and sometimes or rarely, the sound of a baby crying which if you hear for the first time will definitely think that there is a baby crying in the movie theatre. This is what you may broadly assume that a surround sound is.

The surround sound is ultimately designed to give you sound coming from in front of you, from both the right and left sides, and from behind of you. In some surround sound system, the sound also comes from above you which you may have witnessed footsteps sound coming from above as if from the above room. A typical surround sound system uses 5 speakers along with a subwoofer and sometimes 7 speakers if the room is longer. Three speakers are kept in front along the TV with the centre speaker at above or lower the TV and the rest two at both sides of the TV. The rest of the two speakers if the system comprises 5 speakers or in the cases of 7 speakers, the rest four speakers are evenly kept at the side and rear walls.

These arrangements of speakers in a surround sound system are to provide you with the sound sensation matching the scenes what is displayed on the screen of your TV. For example, if you are watching the shooting of an arrow on your screen, the whooshing sound of the arrow will come from the speaker in front of you and when passes back will come from the side and rear speakers.