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There are several genres of Indian music. We can mainly divide into North Indian and South Indian classical music. North Indian music is also known Hindustani classical music, whereas South Indian music is referred to as Carnatic music. Carnatic music is the legacy of Dravidian culture. According to historical evidences, Tamil music had a huge influence on Carnatic music. In old Tamil music, the concept of Pann corresponds to the modern Raga.

Rhythmic meters

The rhythmic meters found in several sacred musical forms like Tevaram, Tiruppugazh resemble the talas that are in use in modern era. Tamil music was practised by the native Dravidians who used to live in the Southern region of India. Since Carnatic music is prevalent in South India, many scholars and historians believe that the ancient Tamil music is an important source of Carnatic music. A general belief in Indian culture is that all the art forms have a divine origin. Tamil music is also believed to have originated from the Gods.

An Insight to the Tamil Music

The history of Tamil music can be studied based on three major periods of development such as Ancient, Medieval and Modern. The ancient period was the most vital period for Tamil music. It draws great inspiration from the Vedas. In the medieval period, many important musical concepts evolved in clear terms and in this period, more care was taken to put into record some of the important musical developments by several music pundits, to enable us to have proper historical links.

Several musical composers lived during this period. The 17th century is considered to be the golden age of Tamil music. It marks several important milestones in Tamil music in divers, thus, enriching this traditional art form, while preserving the glories of past. Some of the most important developments in both Lakshana (theoretical) and Lakshya (practical) aspects were done in this period.

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Tamil music nowadays

Most famous sub genres of modern Tamil music are Tamil film music and music by solo artists. The best modern Tamil music directors are A.R.Rahman, Ilaiyaraaja, Yuvan Shankar Raja, Harish Jayaraj, Deva, Vidyasagar, D.Immam and many more. S.P.Balasubhramaniyam, Chinmayi, Karthik, Sujatha, Harini, Haricharan, Srinivas, Harish Raghavendra, Vidyasagar etc. Many Bollywood artists have also contributed to Tamil music. Shreya Ghoshal, Udit Narayan, Shankar Mahadevan have done playback singing in many Tamil films.

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