Sonya Teclai New Single ‘Itch’ Will be on your Loop

Sonya Teclai is a well-known artist who is known as R&B and soul singer who has released her new head-bobbing song named ‘Itch.’ It fills the atmosphere with love and lust.

The singer’s new song is quite a sensation in her melodious voice that has evoked the pleasure of a firmer touch. Being an exemplary song, it comes with fresh rhythms and soulful melodies while revealing the long-suppressed emotions. This singer is undoubtedly offering a dynamic singer. In true words, this new single easily clears the smoke of time-worn conflict of destructive obsession. The fresh wave of ‘Itch’ is showing the mellifluous notes in the singer’s beautiful voice that will surely captivate your mind. The song is produced by music producer King Mez who has been writing and producing the songs for such a long time.

‘Itch’ is ruling the music charts presently along with her previous hits ‘Good Times’ and ‘Finessin’. With this song, she is making thousands of her fans. The seductive lyrics are creating a sensual sensation as you can enjoy the thrill of this song. If you listen to this song carefully, you will find a picture of a lush relationship. The obsession is very high that she is fighting against hew fantasy. In simple words, the song shows her struggle to decide whether she reignites with a former flame or not.

The awesome song ‘Itch’ is available on all the major platforms, including Spotify. Do follow Sonya on her Instagram page to get the recent updates about her latest release.

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