“Songs in Quarantine: No Strings Attached” : Playlist to listen during Quarantine

Recently, you must have noticed an unreleased song on YouTube of The metal band, Sepsiss. The song ‘Songs in Quarantine: No Strings Attached’ is gaining lots of popularity among the music lovers. Sepsiss has released this new song to bring the comfort to people in this uncertain time when COVID-19 is spreading like anything.

Talking about the song, it is quite smooth and folk kind of song that helps recognize our consciousness. Though the song is not released officially yet, but the band likes to offer its fans to look out numerous settings and sounds. According to the band, they are generally physical, having big wardrobes and lights. They introduced this song to bring the folk song to a peek. Sepsiss has released a series of acoustic songs within the next couple of weeks so that people can live some healthy life in this pandemic time.

You can watch the video of ‘Songs in Quarantine: No Strings Attached’ on YouTube, and you will definitely love the song. Also, follow the Sepsiss on Instagram to find future releases and more updated information.

Sepsiss is really mobilizing their fan base and entertaining the music lovers. The vocalist of this song, Melissa Wolfe, has stunned the people with her powerful voice and depicting the excellent lyrics. With their solid music, Sepsiss has undoubtedly made an army of fans. Once again, with their new release ‘Songs in Quarantine: No Strings Attached,’ they had proven their metal among the music lovers. They are experienced in giving different genres of music. Melissa is leading the band, and the whole team is experienced in various musical fields that help them in providing urban twists to their tracks.

About the Band

The vocalist, Melissa Wolfe, belongs to Seabrook, NH. She is in love with making artwork using her Xbox Gaming Community. The guitarist, William Savant, is a composer as well as a guitar player who is specialized in making real-time strategies. Another guitarist, Cam Loud, is another talented person in the team. Mr. Goodbarz, who is a keyboard player and rap artist, is all in love with classical music. Last but not least, Johny Impact, who plays Bass, loves both music and traveling.

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