Rita Pam Gives Update on New Album, Journey

Ever since the announcement of Rita Pam’s new album back in July, we haven’t heard anything else about it, until now, that is. Rita Pam posted to Instagram, talking a little about her third album, Journey, which is expected to be released in 2021 by Arzzarine Records.

At a glimpse and from what’s known so far, the album details the singer’s mind’s darting conflicts and struggles she’s probably endured for years. Fans were quick to assume the post was referring to years of child abuse Rita had endured, others had mixed reactions, majority of fans praised her for being vulnerable and open. She wrote:

“This album was written in hermit mode, when it was just me and my worst fears. It’s an introspective album. It’s about human vulnerability; in a second, things can change and all of a sudden, your world is turned upside down and you’re thrust into situations where it’s a matter of survival and the hell may last years, even centuries. This album is unintentionally vulnerable, if I could have it any other way, I would but I had to write from my heart, for fear, I may never get a chance in this life to tell these important stories”

Rita has largely stayed out of the spotlight since releasing her last single, This is Love, in 2018. She’s expected to make a comeback next year with her 15-track album. She’s said to be collaborating with more people on the record but it’s unknown if she’s begun recording the songs.

In other news, here are things you didn’t know about Rita Pam

1) Rita has penned five books, the last being the fiction novel “Fragments of her identity”

2) The song ‘The Prodigal’ which appears on her third album, is actually based on the events in her book “Fragments of her identity”

3) Although many don’t know this but Rita has a younger sister, Maria Jacinta, who’s also a singer.

4) Rita took over production of her and her sister’s music about five years, she produces and writes her own songs and sometimes co-writes on Maria’s songs.

5) Rita is a huge animal lover and frequently campaigns for animal rights.

6) Rita is not on Facebook, she quietly left the social media website years ago, it’s unclear if she had an issue with the site but sources say Facebook had not failed to take down material Rita considered as intellectual property; after trying countless times to have the infringing materials taken down, she left.

See her post on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CHZHdJjFkDJ/?igshid=pxh98gocpxj3