“Red Light” by GVNG GREEN Is Amazing

GVNG GREEN is a well-known rising hip-hop group. The artist Trinity comes up with her new and first R&B single in collaboration with GVNG GREEN, i.e., ‘Red Light.’ The mentioned collaboration is a follow up of the release of GVNG GREEN’s self-titled album.

GVNG GREEN is known as an American hip-hop group from California and founded in 2019. It is composed of the two famous artists who are gone with their stage names, StaJe and Goddi.

The R&B song is a sexy love song that touches your sexual sensations and desires. The hot lyrics to the single highlight our inner wants and desires. Inspiration for the song came from the group’s eagerness to create more old school music, mixed with some new vibes as well.

If you hear this song, you will find it to be a sexy love song that not only touches your soul, desires, but also sexual sensations. The lyrics are really hot while highlighting our hidden inner desires. Talking about this song, it is inspired by the group’s eagerness that creates excellent old school mixed music giving absolutely new vibes. ‘Red Light’ is known to be one of the first of much collaboration that has stolen the heart of many music lovers.

The project features a talented artist, Trinity whose is known by his real name, Elle Lorraine. Apart from singing, she is also an actor and producer who is recognized for her movie role in Bad Hair. Recently, WME Agency has signed her for a project. There are specific projects of her that are coming soon, like appearing in a reoccurring role on HBO’s Insecure and also BET’s Boomerang.

GVNG GREEN is continuously collaborating with different professional musical artists and going to release the next single ‘Buns.’ It features Sienna Spalding ad going to release next month. This sound breaking due is planning to release multiple collaborations this year along with various artists. With these songs, they have proven their hard work and consistent while breaking all the mainstream stardom.

Do you also want to enjoy the song ‘Red Light’? Visit Spotify and other music platforms where you can easily hear this song. Remain updated about all the upcoming announcements of GVNG GREEN by visiting their website