5 Paneer Recipes that Your Kids Would Love


Paneer is a nutrient dense cottage cheese,without which South Asian cuisine is incomplete. Vegetarians take pride in this versatile food, for its milky flavor and nutritive value. It is especially great for children, since their protein needs are fulfilled efficiently.

If your kids are bored with the same old preparation, why not try some new paneer dishes? Take a look at how you can offer the same cottage cheese in many different ways. 


  • Paneer Manchurian


This is one of the most delectable Indo-Chinese dishes, which can be savored both dry or in gravy. Paneer, corn flour, ginger, garlic, soy sauce, tomato sauce, celery, sugar, vinegar, oil and vegetables of your choice would be required for the Paneer Manchurian recipe. Make sure to add the corn flour slowly, while stirring constantly to avoid lumps. Try to put celery, since it adds the much-required Chinese flavor. Paneer Manchurian tastes great with noodles or fried rice. 


  • Paneer Malai Tikka


One of the most common paneer recipes found online is paneer malai tikka. Mild aroma and strong flavors, coupled with the goodness of paneer, make for a delicious dish. The main ingredient is cream or malai, which is put in heated milk. The basic ingredients are paneer, thick curd, ginger, garlic, coriander powder, spices, lemon juice, onions and capsicums. Make sure to marinate and grill the paneer cubes well for a mind-blowing taste. 


  • Palak Paneer


Palak paneer is nutritious and is perfect for children. You will require paneer, Indian spinach, green chilies, vegetables like tomatoes and onions, kasurimethi, nuts and spices. Make sure to throw away the stems of the spinach to avoid a bitter taste. Also, after washing, drain the water properly to prevent moisture formation in the spinach. Blanch and puree the spinach well and cook on a light flame. Pair with roti or naan for a wholesome meal.


  • Kadhai Paneer


This unique dish is entirely prepared in a kadhai or wok. This dish requires a lot of stirring and therefore is cooked best in a heavy and thick-based wok. Apart from the basic ingredients like vegetables, oil and spices, you will need kasurimethi and ginger in French cut style. This is basically a semi-dry and less spiced paneer recipe, making it ideal for kids of all ages. Make sure to crush the kasurimethi properly and sauté the vegetables well. Serve hot with parathas or plain rotis.


  • MalaiKofta Paneer


Vegetarian kofta is prepared from vegetables or paneer balls. The gravy is rich already, to which malai is added for extra flavor. Crumbled paneer, cloves, cardamom, ginger paste, corn flour, cashews, coriander leaves and spices go into the making of malaikofta paneer. Sauté the spices and mix the ingredients well. Pour water and keep cooking until the gravy has thickened to perfection. Slide in the balls and stir on a medium flame. Serve with roti, naan or paranthas. 

Paneer can aid in muscle building and overall growth. These fun recipes will make sure your children love every meal, while keeping their nutritional intake intact.