Miko Reed is getting ready to release her new track ‘Back to that Day’ this June


Get ready to join a diverse musical journey with Miko Reed as she drops ‘Back to that Day’.


Prolific singer/performer Miko Reed is ready to win the hearts of the listeners again with her upcoming single ‘Back to that Day’. The single is all set to be released in early June, and it is already creating a buzz. Offering a fusion of melodies with big vocals, live instruments, rhythm, and horns along with bits of soul, jazz, and funk, the track is all about reminiscing about the ‘good old days’ and the beginnings of a relationship with your significant other.

Starting at an early age, Miko has developed her skills in playing piano and alto saxophone from childhood. She soon found out her true passion for singing. Taking influences from a variety of genres like Gospel, Jazz, R&B, Funk, and Soul, this music artist offers a dynamic musical approach through each project, and ‘Back to that Day’ will be no exception. Miko has already made some significant progress in the industry and local music scenes with her unparallel personality and skills. And just last month, she was seen in a live TV performance on a local station, KUSI Good Morning San Diego, with her cover band, Miko & the Magik Soul. Indeed, Miko Reed doesn’t show any sign of slowing down and just tells us that she is here to stay.

Back to that Day’ will be streaming in June, and in the meantime, make sure to check out the latest live performance here – https://www.kusi.com/miko-the-magik-soul-perform-live-on-the-kusi-patio/. Follow Miko Reed on Spotify, Instagram, YouTube, and her official website to get more updates.