Houston rapper Docman will be releasing his finest album ‘Chapter 29’ on June 1st this year


Docman talks about his real-life experiences and deepest emotions in his upcoming project, Chapter 29.


The hip hop genre has the flexibility to adopt new elements and create different types of music under a single roof. Rising hip-hop artist Docman is on his way to building a soundscape that caters to all. He has announced the release of his upcoming album, Chapter 29, which will drop on June 1st on all major streaming platforms. The songs in the album will depict the 29 chapters of his life. Tracks rich in meaningful lyrics will be featured, sharing with Docman’s listeners his own personal journey. It aims to get people to know him as a person just like everyone else.

Born in Arizona, this gifted rapper started his journey in 2004 when his cousin Lenard Gibson (LG) was killed. Docman used to be with him all the time while freestyling and selling drugs on the NY corners. Docman was heavenly influenced and amazed by the love he was getting from making words rhyme. LG’s last words to Docman were to “never let anyone get in between him and success.” From 2008 to 2012, Docman released 20 underground mixtapes under the name Doc with his group, JHC. And in 2015, he released his debut EP, The DOCument. There was no looking back since then. He started gaining public attention and even went on his first tour in the summer of that same year in 5 cities – Atlanta, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, and New York.

And most recently, just after Docman released his first 2022 single, Legends Always Die, he worked on a 9-min mini-documentary to give his fans a preview of ‘Chapter 29.’ While we wait for the album release via Empier Entertainment, make sure to check out the mini-documentary via his YouTube channel. Follow Docman via his website and Instagram for more information.