Listen to WEEKNIGHT (Sever, Pt. 3) by BLEARY: Enjoy every beat of music

Artist Bleary, based in Portland, Oregon, is a ten-year veteran of the music industry. An unfortunate and almost fatal head injury forced him to rethink the course of his life, resulting in a full-time dedication to his music ambitions. He is fuelled by his ability to share his struggles and experiences with his audience, hoping that he will serve as an inspiration for both new and old listeners. Weeknight (Sever, Pt. 3) is his most recent single release and it does not disappoint- this is a song that radiates artistry and commitment to the craft of songwriting and production.

Weeknight is a marvelously diverse mix of genres, dripping in reverb and a sluggish yet unquestionably smooth pace. It has all of a modern R&B track’s swagger and style combined with a sort of electro-alt-pop melody, not to mention the verses’ especially hip-hop-esque delivery. Although this may seem like irreconcilable genres, Bleary seamlessly puts together these vastly different sounds to produce something utterly original and creative. It’s never disjointed or chaotic; it’s a clear and effortless foray into a composition that is wildly complex.

In this track, we especially appreciate all the small details that display Bleary’s specific attention to production detail-the high-low octave vocal layers in the chorus, the quick and tasteful guitar licks that fade in and out, the understated bassline that keeps the song steadily marching forward-these are the elements that hold this track together, the small connections that carry this composite.

Bleary will be right up your alley for those looking for something outside the box-something grandiose, with massive, dynamic sounds and no fear of pushing boundaries or struggling with conforming to standards. Weeknight is as intriguing as innovative, an expressive and influential work, and we expect it to resonate with fans in more genres than not.

The mesh of engaging guitar melodies, synthesized drum beats, exquisite synth melodies, and unforgettable vocals leave the listener in a pleasurable, trance-like state of mind – the subdued feeling of delight that can definitely be achieved by listening to this lovely record.

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