What Kind of Strip Club Patron Are You

Strip clubs and gentleman’s clubs have a hard time in the last couple of months but they have prevailed through these dark times. There is no denying that people need some form of entertainment so if you are wondering which clubs near me are opening and offering the kind of entertainment you crave, you’ll be surprised at how many places are open. The fact that you want to go to a strip club doesn’t make you a bad person or a depraved man, you would be surprised by how many kind of men actually frequent such establishments. There are different categories of people who patronize strip clubs.

Married men

Married men with wives and colors visit strip clubs all the time.  The fact that they do doesn’t mean they love their wives any less. Scientists believe that when people fall on love the brain produces a specific chemical. This chemical production takes about four years and then the brain stops producing it.

Human beings will fall on love a couple of times throughout their lifetimes which means we aren’t meant to be monogamous; it’s a choice.

Strip clubs give married men the freedom to flirt with other women without being unfaithful to their wives. They can enjoy the attention from beautiful, naked women give them. Strippers know how to make a man feel good about himself.

Lonely men

There are plenty of men who don’t have girlfriends or wives. Then there’s the sad guy who has just broken up with his girlfriend or going through a divorce. It can also be a guy who’s on the road a lot. Guys who are insecure in their interactions with women might also find it easier to interact with females in a strip club. They like the fact that they don’t have to do anything to get a girl’s attention.  Some men just want someone to talk to.

The bachelor

This is the poor soul whose friends are trying to convince, he will miss being single now that he has decided he wanted to commit to. The guy is so sauced he gets too wasted to remember much of anything. There’ll be a lot of rowdy tomfoolery but it’s really for the benefit of his friends.

The Rock Star

This is the guy with money, who is not afraid to flash it around. It’s the rap Star, the celebrity, the trust fund baby, the guy who’s just m big at the casino. Money makes these people feel important and expect special treatment. These are the guys that buy endless bottles of champagne and expensive cognac. They puff away at their cigars and throw hundred dollar bills at the stage. They can be annoying and real douche bags.

The Regulars

Some guys go to strip clubs because they like the atmosphere, not so much because they like looking at naked women. Strip clubs are relaxed; you can have as much fun as you want with no judgement. Divorced guys usually become strip club regulars. Strippers are more relaxed with regulars, sometimes they form friendships.


There are creepy guys that come for other reasons. They tend to be grabby and can’t control themselves. Some clubs allow touching but most don’t. Perverts are usually socially awkward, sometimes they can’t really help themselves, they should be avoided and they usually get tossed out.

To find out which strip are open, Google Strip clubs near me and see which ones are appealing to you. To get along and to have a good time, familiarize with the strip club etiquette.