“I Love You More Today Than Yesterday”

Doug Ferony, a prolific music sensation based in New York, has re-released his latest single titled, “I Love You More Today Than Yesterday.” With a touch of brilliant and classic jazz, the talented singer has put out one of the unique pop sounds in this track.

Ferony’s voice has an enormous masculine feel and is stress-free making it easy for everyone to sing along, as each of the lyrics can be picked. The jazzy tune is commanding, and the melodic drive can set up everyone for a good dance. The song puts you right in a romantic mood, and when driving through town with the snow falling gloriously, it’s great for your car stereo.

Doug is indeed one of the finest, a first-class singer. He opened the 1997 U.S. Open Tennis championships with the “Star Spangled Banner.” He is also a member of good standing of the Screen Actors Guild and has appeared in such TV shows and movies as Goodfellas, Back to School, You’ve Got Mail, Law & Order, and HBO’ ’s OZ. Follow him on IG and check out his other tracks on Spotify for more.

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