Know more about ‘’Radicalize’’ by I.K.P. – Music Review

NY-based, rising hip hop artist, I.K.P., is out to inspire the audience with his empowering rap banger RADICALIZE. Alvarez has released four full-length albums under the name I.K.P. (Infamous King of Positivity), each reflecting on his journey to victory in the midst of different challenges in life. Alvarez has returned with his new EP, Radicalize, following a steady production of singles last year.

That didn’t stop him from developing as an artist, even though I.K.P. has been making music for quite some time now.The talented rapper wanted to get more personal about his addiction, heartbreak, and depression in his songs after his final release in 2019. He exercises a few of his demons in his latest EP, RADICALIZE.

I.K.P. hits us with both smooth and explosive beats inside those five-track EP, both thought-provoking and explosive lyrics, both tricky and explosive flows, both infectious and explosive hooks, and names that are both original and explosive. If you’re someone who loves A$AP Ferg and the music that makes you want to do a few more gym reps, you’re going to love to RADICALIZE!

RADICALIZE was designed to satisfy old and new listeners at their own pace. The first track, BRAND NEW // GÜEY, deals with the internal sensations associated with being on drugs, the LITE WERK // DAHSSIT deals with the emotions of anxiety, emptiness, and a subsequent effort to transcend such debilitating conditions. There’s a renewed sense of confidence and hope that comes through in its rhythm once the final track, FEEL ME // GUIDABA, comes into effect. Just as well, Alvarez’s vocal tonality is upfront and has a certain consistency that this time around feels particularly poignant.

Overall, ‘’Radicalize’’ is solid and serves as the basis for his upcoming 4th full-length LP.
and takes his music to long-standing and new listeners. Every song stands on its own uniquely, complete with a well-crafted composition of commanding and ethereal tones, though continuing in a coherent perseverance narrative at the same time. For more details, follow the artist on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.