How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Caterer?

Wedding guests usually look forward to the food at your reception (apart from your wedding celebration naturally)! If you want to remember your reception, it is important to choose the right caterer. Here are some helpful tips for choosing the right wedding catering Toronto for your wedding:

  • Make a budget

Catering is often the biggest cost when it comes to wedding costs (45-50% of the most marriage budgets go to the reception and the catering service). Caterers vary in food and style, so choose your caterer carefully. Discuss your budget, reception theme, and kind of food that you want to serve, buffet style, food stations, sit-down dinners or a cocktail with your caterer.

  • Be a taste tester

A “tasting” with a caterer should be arranged with the caterer to test their culinary abilities and take note of the food presentation. It helps you to learn their style before engaging in your big day!

  • Ask for references!

Most people ask for references, but they never call them. Making at least two reference calls will help you make your decision to hire them. Don’t be shy, note, this is a chance to speak about your marriage again!

  • Ask your caterer for “guaranty figures”

Ask your caterer for “guaranty figures,” and they quote prices based on those numbers that you provide to them e.g. a minimum or a guaranteed number of guests to your caterer. Remember that several guests less than 100 can give rise to extra fees.

  • Don’t forget about dinnerware or china!

When hiring the caterer, make sure you look at the dinnerware and China. Certain caterers include the dinnerware in their cost, but they may not be of the best quality, they could be damaged, scratched or worn out.  Therefore, it’s good to ask for samples to make sure the settings of the place fit your expectations and the rest of your decor.

  • Consider service when choosing your caterer

Please check the ratio between servers and guests. This can vary depending on the type of reception (sitting dinner compared to the buffet). It’s a good rule to note that every 8 to 10 guests should have one server.

  • A buffet or food station with a menu board is an increasing trend

Ask the caterer for using a framed menu board to display the names of your entry items elegantly. Add a theme to your menu board, making it fun and eye-catching for guests when they are filling up their plates!