What You Need to Know About Choosing a Good Painting Easel

A good set of easels are a must-have for any aspiring artist regardless of experience and skill level. While it’s a relatively simple tool designed to hold a piece of canvas, the latter can prove invaluable in the painting process and showing off works of art.

Of course, not just any easel will do for any aspiring artist looking to take their work to the next level. In this article, we will go over a few simple but essential things that you would want to keep in mind when shopping for painting easels.

So where do you start?

An art painting easel is available in numerous types, from simple tripod systems to air easels that are designed for outdoor painting. As you might have already realised, choosing the right one will depend on various factors which will determine which type of painting easel is ideal for you as well as the value that such a tool offers in your daily work as an artist.

Here are a few essential factors that you would want to consider when buying an art easel.


For many artists, the painting easel is one of the most heavily used tools at their disposal. Hence, it would make sense to buy one that is made from long-lasting materials.

In a sense, a suitable painting easel is an investment and one that ought to serve you well for many years to come. Hence, it makes sense to spend as much as you can afford if it means getting something that will remain useful in your craft for the foreseeable future. Note that this logic applies to just about any tool that you use regularly.

No matter what type of painting easel you choose, it needs to be stable and reliable enough to support the weight of custom stretched canvas.

Adjustable painting easels

Different artists have various routines when painting. While some artists are more comfortable painting while taking a seat, some prefer painting in standing position. An easel must include mechanisms that enable artists to adjust the height quickly.

Compact for easy storage

Easels take up much area when in use. When you have limited space at your studio or house, you want easels that you can easily fold so you can have more space for other activities.

For artists who like carrying their easel with them, an extremely portable easel is a must. If you choose an air easel, it should be compact enough to fit in your toolbox.

Foldable easels are lightweight so you can store them at the trunk of your car while taking a trip. An easel with a multipurpose box connected to it can bring brushes and other art supplies you do not have to bring a separate box or bag for these things.

So there you have it — all that you must know about buying the perfect painting easel. Keep the factors mentioned above in mind, and you are bound to find the ideal set of painting easel that offers all the features that you need and will ultimately earn its’ keep as you hone your craft.