Fireworks history and how they got popular:

Even the Chinese had never thought that their unintentional invention will become popular around the world. So, around 200 B.C firecrackers were accidentally invented by tossing the bamboo in fire. But actually, fireworks came alive around 800 A.D. When an alchemist thought to find the secret of eternal life. He mixed Sulphur, charcoal and potassium nitrate. But the mixture caught of fire and hence invention of gunpowder has done. And when this gunpowder was packed into bamboo and after that fire was lit into that. The world got its first firework.

But those fireworks were not like someone see in Florida fireworks. The fireworks become more colourful when Chinese army started using gunpowder in their cannons. And then fire makers developed beautiful firecracker. And then it travels to world so, that people can enjoy its beauty.

Importance of firework in our culture

Everyone has seen the fireworks and its amazing light in the sky. How the sky gets lighten up with fireworks is such a nice view to see.  And fireworks also show happiness. In most of the occasion fireworks light up the sky. It shows the happiness towards the occasion that how happy people are. And in most occasion fireworks show arranged for people. To, see the fireworks and enjoy them.

In every country, the firework is used as a symbol of happiness. Like in India firework is a necessary thing on every occasion. Just like in USA fireworks are also used in celebrating the Independence Day, on new year eve and many other occasions. And it’s being used since ages.

Get the firecrackers at less price  

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Use the fireworks under the expert guidance

Even though fireworks are good to see and people enjoy the firecrackers show. But those fireworks organized by an expert. So, if someone is using it by themselves. Then please avoid it or use it under expert guidance. Because it can be dangerous.