Access American Netflix from Outside the US

Founded in 1997, Netflix has grown to become one of the largest streaming services in the world. According to the latest numbers, the company makes revenue of about $3 million every hour. Netflix has a presence in 190 countries and counting.  With the binge-watching fever still at its peak, there is a strong chance that the company will remain at the top for several years to come.

How to use Netflix VPN

So, what happens if you want to watch a show or movie that is not available in your region? Or maybe you are a US citizen and follow a specific show quite avidly. Then, you have to leave the country for some reason. Once you leave the boundaries of the country, Netflix treats you as part of the region that you land in. This results in geographic restrictions on content which also includes your favorite show. Here is the solution.

  1. Download Ivacy’s Netflix VPN
  2. Install it on your device
  3. Launch the application
  4. Enjoy your favourite show on American Netflix with amazing speed

Ivacy’s Netflix VPN is the solution. The application masks your original location making Netflix servers think that the request you sent is coming from within the United States. This allows you to be home free and access all your favorite content once again. All you have to do is subscribe for an Ivacy VPN account. Once you’ve downloaded the app, it is easy to setup and install.

Access Netflix’s biggest library

Netflix has produced and continues to churn out some great shows for people to enjoy. Over the years, owing to the company’s growth, they have been able to improve the quantity as well as quality of their creations. They popularity of these TV shows in particular, has fueled Netflix to become a host for the greatest tranche of entertainment content in the world.

Netflix has a library of 1,157 TV shows which include some of its original content as well as some from third parties. This collection coupled with the 4,593 movies titles brings the total tally to 5,750. It is evident then that if you were to get access to all of it, there will be countless hours of sitting in front of the TV.

Why American Netflix is different?

Unfortunately, that magic number of content is only available for viewers within the United States. While people living in other regions also have access to considerably large libraries through Netflix, they are nowhere as big as the American domain. Many people question these limitations because some of the most popular shows like Hunger Games, for instance, are not available in regions like the UK.

Many of these streaming services block content because market research shows that the particular movie or TV show won’t have much demand in a certain area. If consumers won’t be interested in it, it won’t make a substantial income for the company. Therefore, the smaller group of people willing to watch that content suffer because of the larger audience.


Additional advantages of a VPN

Ivacy VPN unblock all types of content for you but it does so while protecting your privacy at all costs. The service has a strict logging policy. Unlike a local ISP which logs each and every bit of data sent and received from your IP address, Ivacy servers scrub this information almost immediately. It masks your IP address making the whole streaming or browsing session completely anonymous.

Ivacy’s Netflix VPN also helps viewers defeat ISP throttling. The Internet Service Provider monitoring data traffic also resorts to limiting speed and bandwidth so that internet usage remains limited. Ivacy bypasses the ISP server, making sure that streaming sessions are not interrupted for any reason whatsoever.

Download Ivacy’s Netflix VPN today and open doors to unrestricted content today.

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