Eminent Spectra Rock outfit SAVARRE offers the masterpiece, ‘Scars.’


SAVARRE showcases incredible performance in both singing and instrumentation in their newly released soundtrack, ‘Scars.’


The New York-based band SAVARRE once again proves its brilliance with their new release, ‘Scars’ which has been dominating Spotify and other streaming platforms. The single opens with an ethereal melodic flow that intermingled perfectly with the lead vocalist Shannon Denise Evans, gifting the audience an epic sonic experience. The beautiful song successfully makes a deep impact on the minds of the audience. The soothing vocal performance and the music escalates to a much more fiery and empowering tone towards the end of the song, making the listeners feel the raw emotions that are presented.

SAVARRE is founded by singer-songwriter, composer, novelist, and playwright Shannon Denise Evans who hypnotizes the audience with her blissful yet unapologetic singing in their new creation, ‘Scars’. It is a highly inspirational song that tells the audience how every hurdle in life will give us the experience we need to fight future battles. The message is clear: the scars in life will make people stronger, smarter, and tougher. SAVARRE manages to generate genuine emotions in the hearts of the audience with their exceptional storytelling, vocal, and melodic performance. Listen to SAVARRE on Spotify and follow them on Instagram for more updates on their upcoming endeavors.