If you are new to the world of creative writing and planning to learn how to write a book perfectly, welcome to the world of young writers. Writing a book is not an easy task that can be done by any seasonal write. To write a book while keeping creative writing in your mind, you need to work upon several important factors and impacts. As a result of this passionate procedure, the end product is the one that hits best-sellers criteria among the world of top writer. 

Before we get into the actual topic of; how to write a book, understanding creative writing is a must. It is a special kind of writing through which, the writers pull out their emotions, feelings, and thoughts on the paper. This is in terms of creativity that helps to convey the message of writer in a manner; fun to read. Creative writing helps young writers to convey their message in an easy-to-understand and fun to read manner. 

As a young writer, all you need is to understand the basics of creative writing including; proper punctuation, perfect grammar, and right use of adverbs. Keeping the basic etiquettes of English Language in your mind, how to write a book becomes an interesting job to complete. By following general guidelines of English Language, the final product of how to write a book will be a masterpiece indeed. Creative writing also aids young writers to come up with new ideas in order to deliver their message. 

A few of the major and essential steps mentioned on nearly every guide explaining how to write a book are as follows:

Search for the topic you want to write upon. Also, it is important to observe your selected topic about; whether you can cover it with the help of creative writing or not. Although, nearly any kind of topic can be explained better with the help of creative writing but for the young writers, some topics may not fit in the category of creative writing. 

Once you are done with the topic selection, the next step for how to write a book is dividing your original topic into sub-topics. Create a list of sub-topics and arrange them in the write order. Beginning from introduction to ending on conclusion, the entire list must be arranged properly. 

Now that you are done with the basic structure of your end product of how to write a book, begin to cover each sub-topic with the help of creative writing. Working upon one sub-topic at a time is ideal for young writers. This is because division helps with better concentration and focus rather than covering an entire topic in one go. 

Keeping these few steps in mind, you will be able to understand the guideline for how to write a book pretty easily. This will cover not only the basic guide on how to write a book but also ensures that you make use of creative writing at your best.