Why must your practice in music must be consistent?

As the old saying suggests, practice makes perfect. Music holds no exception. Musicians are also aware of the fact that consistent and dedicated practice are the key to ace at playing any kind of musical instrument. When there are many distractions in life, it becomes hard to stay focused on the music practice. You need to keep it consistent in order to be successful. This article enlightens you on the reasons to why you must keep your practice consistent whether you are practicing in your garage or at Songmill music recording studio

  1. It trains your brain effectively

When you keep your practice consistent, it helps you in retaining the information that you have practiced and learned during your music lessons. During a practice session, your brain tends to process that information and remember it more vividly the next time you pick up your instrument to practice. It effectively comes in handy to train your brain as well. 

  1. It trains your muscles as well

Besides, it also helps in developing your muscle strength over time with the consistent practice as well as your hand eye coordination too. This is referred to as muscle memory or procedural memory. In other words, memory for skills. Shen your hands tend to repeat certain movements repeatedly, they will remember the notes and chords you play as well as the notes and finger placement too. With time, such movements become automatic due to repetition. 

  1. 3. You need to keep motivating yourself to stay consistent on the practice. 

When a consistent practice routine has been developed, you tend to get stuck on it. This is the time where you should reward yourself for the consistent and dedicated hard work you put in your music practice. You need to celebrate your achievements in order to keep yourself motivated. Once a music practice session routine has been developed and you have been staying consistent on it for quite a while, then you need to keep rewarding yourself every now and then to keep the spirits up high and your practice on track. 

  1. You need to keep challenging yourself as well. 

When you are fully consumed by your music practice, then you can also keep it interesting by challenging yourself every now and then. Keep journalizing your progress for every day or week. Make sure you keep leveling up to harder musical notes as well. And know that you will never progress if you never try anything new. Just don’t go hard on yourself.