Why Become an E Girl

As we all know, the “E” in E Girl stands for electronic as most of them can be seen on the internet. They are girls who wear either bright and colorful or very dark clothing with matching makeup. Their personalities all differ, with some being bright and cheery, while others have more of an emo vibe but almost all of them are considered to be cute.

Main Influencers

It is said that Avril Lavigne was the very first E Girl because of her take on alternative fashion, which leaned more towards the kawaii culture. The popularity of the rapper named Lil Peep influenced the start of E Girls. Fictional characters also had a big influence on the rise of E Girls such as Harley Quinn, Sailor Moon, etc.

Today, E Girls can be found in almost every part of the internet. TikTok is pretty much one of the main platforms to watch them and support them. There’s probably thousands of them there all with different types of content. Some of them sing, lip sync, dance, and maybe even just post a few seconds of their daily lives.

There are some E Girls who are more into streaming. They’d rather be in front of a camera doing requests from fans on what songs they want them to sing, what they want them to dance, etc, but most of them stream to play games. There are many E Girls in the gaming community today. Pokimane, Amouranth, Pink_Sparkles are examples of them with so many more.

E Girls on GANK

Some may not enjoy all the lights and cameras in their faces so some may prefer to just have people hire them to play with them. So they go to GANK to offer their services. You could hire them to play with you if you’re feeling a little bit lonely. Some of the ones you could hire are those who can help you with your little ranking up problem. Some E Girls are absolutely ruthless when it comes to competitive games.

Others also prefer to simply play games with you alone without having other players constantly firing bullets at them. They could help you build up your world in Minecraft or any other life simulation game for that matter. You get to build up a world with someone and that world is pretty much your main attachment to them.

You could also hire them if you just want to interact with them and talk. You could simply get to know each other better. You could ask them about their daily routine, how it’s like with this type of job, and many more, as long as you ask the right things. If you’re looking to become an E Girl yourself, you could ask for tips that could help you get started.

Benefits of Being an E Girl

If you’re unsure as to how to become an E Girl, you could simply go to GANK and hire one to teach you the basics. Being an E Girl means you get to do all your activities online meaning you don’t have to exit your home to earn some money. There are also a lot of people today who would love to team up with E Girls because of their cheery personality which means you won’t have a hard time looking for people to book your services. Same goes for streaming and being a content creator as many of them have very big fanbases. Be it gaming or simple vlogs, you will definitely get lots of viewers through consistent uploads and being entertaining.