What to Remember When Playing Games with Girls

We all know at least one girl gamer in our lives. You could be really close with them and you could act whatever way you want with them and they would think nothing of it since you’re friends. But you’ll meet many more girl gamers out there and play with all the different types of gamers who you’re not familiar with. You can hire them and have them play with you right here on GANK. When playing games with girls, you’d want to know how to act as well. You don’t want to act all too relaxed or all too intense. 

Casual Girl Gamers

Casual girl gamers are gamers who prefer the more relaxing and less competitive games. They’re not too fond of the toxic and intense environments competitive games tend to bring. When playing games, they just prefer to do it the least stressful way possible and just want to have fun. They don’t exactly care that much about ranks which makes them perfect partners if you’re laid back as well. 

When you’re playing games with them, try not to be over the top with requests and directions. Imagine playing MOBA games or FPS games with them. Don’t be like the annoying NPC who screams orders left to right. If you know more about the game than they do, just guide them calmly. You may even become their friend in doing so. Remember that casual gamers don’t seek the thrill of completing a game, they only look for the fun in it. 

Hardcore Girl Gamers

Hardcore girl gamers tend to be the ones who you’d want to look for if you’re looking to make your rank skyrocket. They could manage to clutch 1v5 situations and defuse the bomb with time to spare. They may even have a rank higher than yours. If you want to play an RPG game like say Monster Hunter, they could easily take down even a Nergigante without breaking a sweat. They aim to complete whatever mission they can no matter how difficult and rage inducing it is.

Because of their competitive nature, they’re used to facing toxicity head first. It’s okay to act all intense and hardcore around them. As long as you get to do your part, you’re cool to them. Don’t be all happy go lucky and not do objectives or you might get on their bad side. If you prove to be a decent player, they may even become your permanent partner throughout all your journeys. 

Mix of the Two

There are also girl gamers who are like the Goldilocks Zone. They are pretty much a balance of the two. Fully capable of enjoying a simple and relaxing game and could wipe the floor with enemies in competitive games. The way you want to act around them is pretty much also like a balance of how you want to act around the two other types of gamers. You don’t want to be too chill and you don’t want to be too hardcore. It’s okay with them if you have a little bit of fun in competitive games but at the same time you need to also do your objectives. You just need to know your limits when playing with them. 

All of these gamers could be found right here on GANK and you could pick any girl gamer who suits your attitude and playstyle. Choose the type of girl gamer where you can freely be you without feeling like you’re trying too hard to complete missions or doing too little that you get bored out of your mind.