Welcome to the World Art Awards Scheduled for late 2020 in Orlando, Florida

Are you an art lover and you want to be part of a historic global art event where you’ll get the opportunity to judge inspiring pieces of art and receive incredible gifts? Well, there’s a one-of-a-kind event for artists, art lovers and art collectors slated for late 2020, whereby patrons will judge the art on display and determine the winners of this prestigious World Title art award. The World Art TV plans to host the awards via video in light of the current health concerns associated with Covid-19. The World Art Awards is a unique event because it’s not only designed to inspire artists to produce inspiring works of art, but also to allow lovers of art to determine the winners. As a World Art benefactor art patron and judge, you’ll be celebrated along with the artists. Better yet, the gifts for patrons are exquisite. One of the gifts designed for art judges is the signature World Art circle pin jewel. This gift represents people who support the world art movement and those who elevate lives through art.

The World Art Awards will bring to an end the long wait for a unique world level award for artists. For too long, artists haven’t had a red carpet event whereby they are appreciated and awarded like actors, musicians and athletes. The organizers of this event recognize that there are talented artists out there who deserve recognition for their incredible work as well as art lovers who would love to judge pieces of art in a colorful event. Apart from recognizing artists and giving patrons the chance to judge the artwork, this event seeks to elevate lives and economies. The event will take place in Orlando, Florida, USA. If you’d love to be part of the event, you’re invited to participate online, on the World Art Champions App.

Reasons to take part in the World Art Awards:

  • As an artist, you’ll get the opportunity to showcase your artwork so that it can be judged by patrons. You also stand a chance of winning the prestigious World Title Art Award.
  • As a patron, you’ll get the chance to judge amazing art showcased by artists and receive gifts.
  • You’ll play a role in elevating lives.
  • The event will be held online, so you don’t have to worry about your health in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.
  • Be an important part of a historic global art award in its first year.

During the event, artwork will be evaluated on three aspects:

  • Relevance –What is the message of the work of art? How inspiring is the message? Is it relevant to the target audience?
  • Originality- Is the work of art original and unique? How does the work of art deliver the message? Is it creative, and does it resonate with the target audience?
  • Mastery- How is the work of art executed? Is it remarkable?

If you are an artist and you believe your work of art meets this criteria, you are invited to take part in the upcoming World Art Awards and showcase your work to patrons from different parts of the world.