Virtual Reality Health Benefits

Virtual reality's real health benefits – ISU helping stroke sufferers gain  mobility | Idaho State University

Video games have improved so much over the past several decades. There is no denying that the images are crisper and clearer, and the interaction between players can feel like you are sitting right next to them. 

With the discovery of virtual reality games, it feels like a person is actually in the game. Imagine fighting a ninja, actually feeling as if the sword just touched your arm. Or running in a dungeon, fighting your way through zombies, or enjoying some time fishing on a peaceful lake. Companies such as Oculus, HTC Vive, Playstation VR, and Valve are reveling in the delight of so many being attracted to this type of gaming. What’s more is that it is predicted by 2024, more than 34 million virtual reality devices will be in use. 

What is even better is now we are finding there are health benefits to virtual reality video games. Keep reading to see how these games can make your health better. 

Those with social anxiety can be greatly helped through VR. Patients can play a game in which a situation arises that would cause them social anxiety. While playing, the person will be guided by a therapist who will show the techniques to calm their anxiety. This, in turn, can be used in real-life situations. 

If you have a phobia, you know how scary it can be. But VR video games are being used to treat a number of phobias. An individual will be gradually exposed to what they are afraid of. This may include a room full of snakes, spiders, or rats to a shopping center full of customers. These people will be taught to control their feelings in real-life situations while being in a controlled space. The individual will realize they will not be harmed during the gaming, which assists in getting over the phobia. 

It may be surprising to know, but virtual reality video games can help those who suffer from pain. So much, so that maternity wards are using it during childbirth as an alternative to epidurals. 

If you suffer from stress, video games are a great way to reduce it. A VR game that will whisk you away will often take your mind off what is frustrating or bothering you. This, in turn, will allow you to focus on mindfulness. Best of all, a video game can reduce stress in a matter of minutes. 

If all of these health benefits sound great to you, hop on board and play virtual reality games. XGS VRCADE in Brandon, FL, can help you take advantage of all these advantages and more. Come find out how much fun you can have with VR video games.