Trvi is back with the music video of ‘Nah Never’ making the song even more compelling


Trvi has been gravitating audience with her honest and truthful delivery in her well-known song ‘Nah Never.’


The young and bold rapper-singer Trvi is reaching heights from a young age. The dialect, the delivery of spells, which she has mastered at a young age, is very moving. And the song ‘Nah Never’ is dripping soaked with the strength that she has in her voice. In this song, she has collaborated with OTF rapper Booka600. The audio is recorded and released by Infinitude Records and was released in October last year on major music streaming platforms. And the video of the song has just dropped on YouTube on 18th March 2022. In the video, she is seen in a red hoodie singing the lines with her honest accent to imply the meaning of the song even further for the audience. This project is for friends and people who thrive on being there for each other.

Aizia Travis, or Trvi to her fans, is based in Atlanta and was introduced herself to the musical world at a young age as she has the potential to daunt this industry with her powerful voice. Her fluent screen presence has made the video look extremely professional. Trvi has been sharing the message that one should never be comparing their success to others as they might or might not have the boosts that build the career. In ‘Nah Never,’ both artists share their childhood stories and memories. Songs that Trvi has offered previously are ‘When I Pull Up,’ ‘Huh,’ ‘Chasing the Stars,’ ‘Bleachers,’ ‘Problematic,’ and more. At the moment, more projects are in the pipeline and will surely gain her an elevated musical career ahead. Listen to Trvi’s music on Spotify and YouTube; she is also available on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.