‘Trapped’ by Darshae Kiér is a sublime piece of music


Darshae Kiér’s new track ‘Trapped’ will leave the listeners pondering.


Darshae Kiér has recently released his 6-track EP, ‘Gone.’ Soon after its release, it quickly got everyone’s attention and has made a separate place in the hearts of both listeners and critics. StreamLINE Music says, “Darshae meets and exceeds the eclectic brilliance of the EPs musicality with a spellbinding collection of vocal performances and dynamism that provide each song with its own distinct character.” The track Trapped’ is the fifth song from the EP, describing the dilemma between knowing addiction, lust, and deviance are wrong and indulging in momentary pleasures. The song, in all respects, conceptually, lyrically, and musically is brilliant.

Trapped mixes the urban with a twist of hip-hop. It also has a pop-like groove with modern hip-hop beats. Moreover, the song is multilayered and engaging in its content. What we can say is, Darshae Kiér indeed never disappoints. For those first-time listeners, we highly suggest that you check out his discography. Darshae’s music is versatile, featuring mixes of Pop, Hip-Hop, and Urban genres.

Trapped’ is now available everywhere, including Spotify. To know more about Darshae Kiér, follow him on his official Instagram account.