The Health Rewards of Online Quiz Games

5 Health Benefits of Playing Online Quiz Games

Many schools across all grade levels have shifted to online education and virtual instruction in the aftermath of COVID-19. As a result, teachers have had to be adaptable – and sometimes even innovative – in terms of not only imparting knowledge to pupils but also ensuring that they understand it. Teachers have used formative assessment procedures in the past to address student knowledge and adaption of the curriculum. 

Online quizzes have been used as a way of assessment to guarantee that students are genuinely learning what we teach them in the age of virtual learning. Continue reading to learn more about the advantages of online quizzes in virtual learning settings, as well as how to use and visit them in your own classroom.

Online Quizzes’ Advantages

Of course, the fundamental benefit of an online quiz is the same as any other sort of academic exam: to assess a student’s grasp of a subject. Quizzes can also be used to collect information about student preferences. One of the advantages of virtual quizzes over hard-copy quizzes is that data is automatically acquired, categorized, and evaluated, and then immediately sent to you. Data may be examined both in aggregate and individually, so you can see how your class as a whole is performing as well as how individual students are doing. Students can be motivated by online quizzes, especially if they are in the shape of a game or in a style that is familiar or enjoyable. Fyrebox, for example, has a platform that allows students to respond to quiz questions via a chat app, which subsequently collects their answers. This is a more engaging and less complicated style for the learner, allowing them to feel more at ease while preparing their responses. Fyrebox, a platform that allows users to create custom, personalized quizzes in the format of chat apps, is one of the greatest resources for online quiz development. This tool has recently been upgraded in response to the shift to online training, allowing teachers to use a more advanced quiz interface that is more appropriate and engaging to the younger generation. 

After receiving the quizzes in text format, students can respond to the questions by responding with a text of their own. This is really engaging for children who are accustomed to this style, which they see and utilize on a daily basis. It can also be accessed via Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, or WeChat. The responses are promptly collected and forwarded to you, allowing you to examine and respond to the data in real-time, with data provided individually or in groups. This means you may respond to data right from your own home, without having to go through student responses, data, or physical documents.