The evolution of music


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Music is the ultimate way of most individuals to relax after a very stressful day at work, in business or even for students after school. Evident of peoples love for music is to see many of them with their headsets on and their gadgets and phones are full of music in their playlist.  Music have come a long way, since the 60’s, 70’s up to the millennium.   Music indeed has evolved a long way.

The different genres of music

Music comes in different genres.  Genres often come from different culture and sometimes, it is defined on how it is interpreted.

  • Electronic Dance Music. This music is also referred as EDM and these are known to be created by DJs, by adding many tones to it, to create a different music.  You can often hear this kind of music in clubs and bars or in live shows.  This music even exists as early as in the 20’s.
  • Rock Music. Rock started in the United States and it exists since the 50’s. The music starts by using string instruments, but, in the modern days, more advance instruments are use to create the music.  It is popular among the youth, with its loud sound.
  • This music originates from West Africa and Europe and once referred to as one of America’s original art forms.  The music is always identified to swing and blues.
  • This is an African- American music, which originated since 1940’s.  It is a combination of hip-hop, funk, pop, dance and soul and this kind of music relates to relationships and freedom.
  • Pop comes from the world popular and it has its roots from rock and roll style. This type of music includes rock, country and Latin.  Is played with electric guitar and synthesizers.
  • This is another genre that originated from the America and the west.  This music has been around since 1920’s.  It is also played by using many instruments, such as electric guitar, drums and organ.
  • This type of music is always heard in clubs and bars.

Modern ways of hearing these genres

In these modern days, with the advancement of technology, everything now is possible.  You can listen to any of these music, anytime and anywhere that you wanted to.

  1. You can download an mp3 version of this music’s from many websites in the internet. There are a lot of websites offering you to download mp3 versions of different kind of music in their library.  Some is downloadable for free and some are for a fee.
  2. You can listen online through seekhype media which is a platform, wherein, you can listen to all the music that is available in their site.
  3. You can also download any music audio from the internet for free or for a fee.

Music is the best alternative to relax

Since the beginning of time, music has been the most popular way of releasing stress and keeping yourself relax. Now a day’s, it is even made easier for people to listen to great music.  You can just download hundreds of it and store it in your playlist.  There you go, feeling the best of it from your own gadget.