Tarah Who? Is Set To Release Their Music Video For Their Latest Single, “Push Me”

Following their new single, “Push Me,” LA-based rock duo Tarah Who? reveals the release of their most-awaited music video on January 28, 2022. “Push Me” was inspired by the journeys of independent artists, musicians, particularly women in rock music, who struggle to keep their passion alive in the face of adversity. Tarah Who? collaborated with London-based YUR MUM on this one and wanted to write a song that is meaningful to both bands and all of the hard-working, independent musicians vying for attention & honor of winning a Grammy award. “Push Me” is directed by Javier Caudillo, produced and engineered by Jason Orme, and co-produced by Tarah. It is distributed by M&O music, and Jesse Cannon brilliantly mastered it.

Tarah Who? is known for its unconventional and libertine tone, and “Push Me” is their most recent expression of that message. Tarah Who? unleashes all of their raw punk energy on “Push Me” – a clever approach that incorporates elements of pop, thrash, and noise rock into the sound. They cut right to the bone acoustically. Vocals stand out from the crowd because they have a hollered hunger to them. Lyrics are carefully chosen and are succinct and breviloquent. The song moves at a breakneck pace, and a surge of energy bursts to the fore, necessitating listeners to listen to this song at full volume because there is a sound that should be felt and heard with full swing. Drums pound with tribal ferocity as they barrel through with joyous abandon. The groove absolutely crushes the listener as layer after layer takes the helm. Riffs are just enough distorted to ensure that deranged energy is harnessed skillfully. Finally, the group’s interplay, the way they effortlessly anticipate each other’s moves, is the heart and soul of “Push Me.”

The music video for “Push Me” will be released on Tarah Who?’s YouTube channel on January 28, 2022. Meanwhile, you can listen to the song on Spotify and SoundCloud. Follow Tarah Who? and Yur Mum on their social media handles to stay updated on their upcoming projects.

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