Swing up this holiday season with “It’s Christmas” beat

Retro holiday favorites still reign on streaming platforms, but re-releasing a holiday song can be a smart step for the right act. The red and green decorations are rising, hot chocolate is a favorite drink, and festive music plays in every possible shop.

Doug Ferony, a professional artist from New York, re-releases his holiday song “It’s Christmas” from the same title album. “It’s Christmas,” written by him and his late wife, Joan. It was accompanied by Dena DeRose on piano, Chris Berger on bass, and Joe Strasser on drums. The song’s success has several factors, the most noticeable of which are the powerhouse vocals of the beloved enigmatic chanteur. But the knowledgeable songwriting and song concepts have also played an integral part in the track’s success.

“It’s Christmas” is about December’s excitement and joy and provides listeners with a jazzy, melodic tune to wind down and get ready to enjoy the holidays.

“It’s Christmas” is available on Spotify and all other major platforms. To keep tuned for your new ventures, follow Doug Ferony on Instagram. If you are passionate about music, you can also search for piano lessons dallas tx to gain some sense of music and more.

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