Since Planters Plantation is the greatest African movie made in 2022, members of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences should think about nominating it for an Academy Award

The Academy should strongly consider including Planters Plantation as one of the top five candidates for best foreign film in 2023. An excellent actress named Stephanie Tum offers a spellbinding performance as a little child who lives on a farm in 1960s West Africa. Her charisma is very endearing. The deft daughter uses a variety of devious and dishonest strategies in her conflict with her family and society in order to defend the name of her late father, James Whitaker, and to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Her goal is to preserve her late father’s honour. American actor Alexander Powers is now vying for the Whitaker part. Whitaker is the affluent owner of a farm where the white slaves are notoriously mistreated. Powers’ portrayal of a stern British imperialist in the movie greatly increased its appeal.

The Planters Plantation was created in 1960 by Cameroonian director Eystein Young Dingha. The narrative of the movie was influenced by genuine occurrences in Cameroon that took place during the nation’s fight for independence from colonial domination. During Cameroon’s battle for independence, these things happened. The film was selected to represent Cameroon at the Ecran Noir Film Festival, where it earned several accolades, including Best Cameroonian Film, EcranD’or, the first prize given to a Cameroonian film in more than 20 years, and Best Cameroonian Actress for NimoLoveline. The notification states that Cameroon will officially submit this movie as their entry for Best Foreign Film at the 95th Annual Academy Awards. Planters Plantation is well ahead of the competition when it comes to selling things with an African theme in 2022. You can bet your last dollar that this movie will continue to get excellent reviews for years to come from reviewers all around the globe.

The movie stars a wide range of Cameroonian and foreign performers, including NkemOwoh, a renowned Nigerian actress who has garnered several acting honours during her career. Actors from Cameroon have also been recruited. The excellent actor Nkem’s engaging and diverse performance elevates the already riveting story to new heights of intricacy, tension, and suspense.

Nkem Owoh, a cast member of “The Planters Plantation,” a Nollywood production, will represent Cameroon in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awards, more popularly known as “The Oscars,” in 2023. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awards honours to deserving individuals each year. The timing of this news is bad, and the fact that the Nigerian Oscar Selection Committee (NOSC) is split just makes matters worse.

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