Radiofix’s New ” All Night Long” will keep you up All Night

Radiofix is a hard rock trio from Phoenix, Arizona. Consistent with their band name, the band’s first album in 2013  ‘Already Gone’ exemplified an announcement of present-day exciting music’s capacity as a still-indispensable resource in fixing the repetitiveness in radio and the general music industry. In the seven years they’ve been as one, the band has kept up a consistent lineup of vocalist- guitarist Daniel Martin, bassist Benjamin Thurston, and drummer Jorge Gutierrez Jr. Their closeness keeps on contributing similarly to their character.

Recently the band has propelled into 2020 with their most recent single, “All Night long” Though the tune’s weight is somewhat downsized for a noticeable organ-driven feel, that is as yet succeeded in any case. Martin’s vocal tonality is solid all through the stanzas, merging Eddie Vedder-esque adroitness and heartland earnestness. When the theme hits, his vocals flood through deep coarseness – a sort of reasonable strain that fits awesome’ virtue. One more of the tune’s features originates from the guitar solo in its midpoint, as it is cautiously and melodically developed, however with underscored breathability profiting the parity of the general instrumentation. The degree for natural, generous music has a great deal of potential this year, and Radiofix is really ready to additionally revitalize the stature of present-day rock for the new decade.

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